Where We Work

Our regions of focus

GLIDE works globally and regionally, identifying opportunities in endemic countries where we can help others go further, faster.

At the global level, we engage in advocacy and convene relevant stakeholders to help share lessons learned and experiences in disease elimination efforts. At the regional and national level, we partner with initiatives where our support can catalyse and help accelerate programmes to reach the last mile of disease elimination.

Our Programmes

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Accelerating The Elimination of Onchocerciasis in Cameroon

Working with partners, we are supporting river blindness elimination in Cameroon.
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Advocacy and Awareness

We use our voice across social media and through thought leadership, to amplify key global health events and raise awareness of disease elimination.

APLMA-APMEN Partnership

In 2022, GLIDE partnered with APLMA-APMEN to support the elimination of malaria and lymphatic filariasis efforts in the Asia-pacific.
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Bridges to Development

Our partnership with Bridges to Development explores integrated approaches to health to deliver improved disease elimination and eradication efforts.
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Challenging Anti-Vaccine Sentiments

We work with New York University, UNICEF, WHO EMRO and the AUB to tackle the challenge of rising anti-vaccine and anti-science sentiment.
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COVAX in the MENA Region

With the funding and support of our global partners, we have developed an initiative aimed at increasing awareness for COVAX in the MENA region.

Disease Elimination and Eradication Course (DEEC)

GLIDE's Disease Elimination and Eradication Course empowers global health professionals and students with the skills to support elimination efforts.

Exploring the Climate-Health Nexus

GLIDE plans to commission research and convene experts to further explore the potential effects of climate change on diseases.

Falcon Awards for Disease Elimination

GLIDE launched the Falcon Awards for Disease Elimination in an effort to help partners accelerate efforts toward disease elimination goals.
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Incentives for Disease Elimination

With UCSF, we identify incentives that help inform what might be applied to the disease elimination context, with a strong focus on community health.

Innovative Financing

GLIDE is acting as a neutral convener for innovative finance initiatives to identify sustainable solutions for the supply of medicines and diagnostics for NTDs.
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Malawi NTD Master Plan Development 2022-2026

GLIDE is currently collaborating with key health stakeholders in Malawi to support the Master Plan Development Process for the control of NTDs.
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Malawi Onchocerciasis Transmission Assessment

We support the Malawi Onchocerciasis Control Program (MOCP) Transmission Assessment activities for Neno and Chiradzulu.
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Working with Sightsavers, we are developing and trialing a low-cost, high-impact strategy for determining river blindness transmission across borders.
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The Malawi Onchocerciasis Elimination Expert Advisory Committee

The Malawi Onchocerciasis Elimination Expert Advisory Committee convene to provide technical advice on disease control and elimination.
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Working with The Carter Center

Our partnership with The Carter Center aims to eliminate preventable diseases in Hispaniola and reach communities on the Venezuela-Brazil border.