GLIDE CEO Comments On New Malaria Vaccine

“With more countries than ever before on the verge of eliminating malaria, news of a highly effective and economically viable malaria vaccine developed by scientists at the University of Oxford is a prime example of what can be achieved if we continue to invest in research and development. 

While twenty countries have eliminated malaria since the year 2000 and another twenty-five are slated for elimination by 2025, the overall burden of disease remains unacceptably high with over 600,000 deaths each year, with Africa carrying 94% of the global malaria burden. This new vaccine could be a significant tool in efforts to eliminate malaria, a disease that has killed more people than any other since the beginning of humankind.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the world how investments in research and development for innovative technologies can lead to breakthrough solutions in record time. It also taught us that we must be prepared to deliver vaccines effectively and equitably.

But a vaccine isn’t the only answer to ending malaria. We must make sure that existing and new malaria interventions and tools can reach those who need them most.” Simon Bland, CEO, GLIDE

Read the full article from BBC News here.