Roundup of articles and publications on the latest innovations in malaria, polio, lymphatic filariasis, and onchocerciasis

30 June 2022 – Below we feature a compilation of headlines, scientific articles, and technical reports on innovations, R&D and elimination progress towards polio, malaria, onchocerciasis, and lymphatic filariasis. We will be publishing these updates bi-weekly and hope they are useful.


Vector Control

  • The preparatory phase for ground larviciding implementation for chocerciasis control in the Meme River Basin in South West Cameroon: the COUNTDOWN Consortium alternative strategy implementation trial – Link
  • Endectocide and ectocide products for malaria transmission control – Link

Drug and vaccine development

  • Polio: we’re developing a safer vaccine that uses no genetic material from the virus – Link

Drug resistance

  • Manual for monitoring insecticide resistance in mosquito vectors and selecting appropriate interventions – Link


  • Five-day polio immunization campaign begins across Pakistan – Link


  • Investigation of the vaccine-derived polio virus found in sewage sample in Kolkata – Link


  • Polio is found in the U.K. for the first time in nearly 40 years. Here’s what it means – Link
  • Wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) – Mozambique – Link

Climate change

  • Climate, malaria highlighted as commonwealth leaders meet – Link


  • Statement of the thirty-second polio IHR emergency committee – Link
  • No one is safe until everyone is safe—from polio too – Link
  • African Great Lakes countries team up with the private sector to end malaria across borders – Link
  • What Africa can do to accelerate and sustain progress against malaria – Link
  • Opinion: Urgent call for integrated approaches to disease elimination – Link
  • UAE signs Kigali Declaration to eliminate neglected tropical diseases – Link
  • Gates Foundation pledges $140M to fight malaria in Africa – Link
  • Johnson & Johnson Renews Commitment to Fight Neglected Tropical Diseases, Investing in Beating Intestinal Worms, Dengue and Leprosy – Link
  • Novartis renews commitment to neglected tropical disease and malaria elimination, investing USD 250 million over five years to research and develop new treatments – Link
  • Neglected Tropical Disease mentorship launched in honour of Dr Mwele Malecela – Link
  • Commonwealth leaders recommit to ending malaria and neglected tropical diseases – Link
  • Gates Foundation: Time to regroup on malaria and NTDs – Link
  • Ending neglect, ending disease: River blindness in West Africa – Link
  • Africa-led progress on neglected tropical diseases needs boost in Kigali – Link
  • We are 100% Committed to Ending Neglected Diseases – Link


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