Roundup of articles and publications on the latest innovations in malaria, polio, lymphatic filariasis, and onchocerciasis

14 June 2022 – Below we feature a compilation of headlines, scientific articles, and technical reports on innovations, R&D and elimination progress towards polio, malaria, onchocerciasis, and lymphatic filariasis. We will be publishing these updates bi-weekly and hope they are useful.


Vector Control

  • Tired mosquitoes would rather catch up on sleep than bite you – Link | Link to Paper

Diagnostic testing and treatment

  • Researchers develop app to detect neglected tropical disease affecting millions of people worldwide – Link


  • Leveraging mathematical models of disease dynamics and machine learning to improve development of novel malaria interventions – Link

Drug resistance


  • An Imam promotes the power of vaccines in war torn Yemen – Link
  • Ending polio in Somalia: children vaccinated in national immunization day – Link
  • Week-long-polio immunization drive concludes – Link

Elimination progress

  • Indonesia and Timor Leste team up to eliminate malaria on Timor Island – Link
  • Book capturing elimination of infectious diseases in WHO South-East Asia, launched – Link 


  • Ethiopia warns precautionary measures amid spread of malaria – Link


  • Enhancing research integration to improve One Health actions: learning lessons from neglected tropical diseases experiences – Link
  • Kenya targets to eliminate elephantiasis, trachoma by 2024 – Link
  • Ending the neglect to attain the sustainable development goals: a strategic framework for integrated control and management of skin-related neglected tropical diseases – Link
  • Outdoor biting and pyrethroid resistance as potential drivers of persistent malaria transmission in Zanzibar – Link
  • Neglected tropical diseases in Australia: a narrative review – Link
  • The resurgence of wild poliovirus in Pakistan and Afghanistan: A new setback for polio eradication – Link
  • Polio eradication strategies discussed to overcome challenges – Link
  • Artificial light may become a new weapon in the fight to control malaria – Link
  • Updated WHO recommendations for malaria chemoprevention and elimination – Link
  • Pakistan Polio outbreak sets back global Eradication Goal – Link
  • Meet the last Americans to face river blindness – Link
  • Pakistan reports seventh wild polio case – Link
  • Why malaria cases will continue to rise in Nigeria, by WHO – Link


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