The Falcon Awards for
Disease Elimination

Presenting the Falcon Awards

We are excited to announce the launch of our inaugural Falcon Awards for Disease Elimination to help advance the elimination of malaria, polio, lymphatic filariasis, and onchocerciasis.

We will award up to five grants of up to US$200,000 each to organizations based in endemic countries. Awards will be given to talented groups whose project proposals demonstrate a high potential to expand and amplify effective solutions in disease elimination and create a lasting impact around our current diseases of focus. We look forward to reviewing your submissions and supporting the five winners by providing technical advice and advocacy support through publicising the winning proposals and their respective milestones.

Good luck!

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"At GLIDE, we firmly believe in an integrated and collaborative approach to tackling diseases of poverty. The Falcon Awards for Disease Elimination will help advance and amplify these efforts."

- Simon Bland, CEO, GLIDE

What is the Purpose of these Awards?

We are seeking applications that aim to advance or accelerate the elimination of one or more of the following diseases: malaria, polio, lymphatic filariasis, and onchocerciasis, and welcome submissions for new and existing projects that require funding to achieve their goals. Projects should focus on the implementation of innovative ideas and established research that has high potential to be catalytic, transformational, or genuinely novel in approach, or operational research with prospects to substantially provide solutions to existing elimination challenges within the following themes:

  • Cross-border, cross-disease, cross-programme, or cross-sector approaches to disease elimination
  • Community-centred approaches to disease elimination
  • Approaches that better integrate disease elimination within health systems
  • Improved approaches to stop disease transmission, including through leveraging data and surveillance
  • Improved tools and approaches for vector control

We recommend that projects align with national priorities to advance disease elimination strategies, along with the international objectives of the WHO's NTD road map and Global Technical Strategy for Malaria, the Polio Endgame Strategy and the SDGs.

Are you Eligible to Apply?

We are keen to receive applications from organisations based in malaria, polio, lymphatic filariasis, and onchocerciasis-endemic countries. Applications must come from an organisation or organised entity.

The following entities are eligible to apply:

  • Public, or private sector institutions
  • Non-Governmental Organisations, philanthropic foundations and Coalitions or networks of Civil Society Organisations
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • National or regional academic or research institutions
  • Other interested parties with strong demonstrated experience in at least one of the defined disease areas

Organisations are welcome to submit more than one project.

What is the Awards Process?

  • Phase 1: Applicants from endemic countries will submit their abstracts which outline their innovative solutions to disease elimination.
  • Phase 2: The top 30 candidates selected for the second round will be requested to fill out a more detailed application.
  • Phase 3: GLIDE will establish a list of ten finalists who will be asked to submit presentations detailing their innovative solutions, which will be broadcast on social media and on GLIDE's website.
  • Phase 4: The judges panel, made up of esteemed global health leaders, will select up to five winners.

Introducing the Judges

Professor Maha Taysir Barakat

Board Chair of the RBM Partnership to End Malaria, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Dr. Sarthak Das

Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance (APLMA), Singapore

Dr. Tunji Funsho

Chair, Rotary’s Nigeria National PolioPlus Committee, Lagos, Nigeria

Dr. Mwelecele Ntuli Malecela

Director, Department of Control of Neglected Tropical Diseases World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland

Dr. Katey Owen

Director, Neglected Tropical Diseases, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Seattle, WA, USA

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For more information on our Submission Guidelines, FAQs and Terms & Conditions, please click on the download links below.

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Toutes les informations sont également disponibles en français

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